Price Increase from April 2012

Hello Lovelies. Well, it’s sure been a while. I was away in Las Vegas recently for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival. I had a blast and have returned refreshed and inspired. I have also reviewed my prices and they have gone up to reflect my experience, skills and specialisation within the retro/alternative styles.

It’s hard as a freelancer to try and work out what you are worth and to justify what you do as a ‘real’ job. I have had to realise that just because I enjoy my work and have the flexibility I’ve always wanted, it doesn’t make it any less valuable or authentic employment.

Hair styling and make-up artistry is a lot of fun and allows me to stretch and explore my creativity. It is also extremely demanding at times, working under the pressure of time constraints to produce flawless looks, standing for long periods of time and being constantly alert on shoots to ensure every hair is in place and that the make-up is perfect at all times. Also, a make-up artist’s work doesn’t start and end on the actual job itself. There is a lot of work that goes on beforehand in the forms of research, sourcing supplies, creating face charts, consultations and packing the required kit. After a job, all brushes need to be washed and dried and all makeup fully sanitised to ensure everything is hygienic and ready to go again.

So with butterflies in my tummy and a good hard look at what I do for each job, I have bitten the bullet and posted up my new prices, as well as giving the site a slite re-jig and tidy up. Eeep! That’s all for now, thank you kindly for readi