Rockalily Cuts

Seriously crap hair situation. Halp!

Hello Lovelies,

Last week I went to Rockalily Cuts to have my hair cut. I wanted to go back to a more Marilyn Monroe-esque cut, something I haven’t had for a couple of years now as I’ve been doing the 60s thing a lot. Head Stylist Lucie Luella took into account my fussy requirements and cut in a modified midi for me. I felt a million times better when I left the salon, swishing my hair about like I was in a shampoo advert. I always feel a little weird when I change my hair but I love my new cut. It even looks cute when I wash it and let it dry naturally, with no styling. That NEVER happens! Still haven’t done a wet pin-curl set on it yet but I’m sure it is going to look great when I do.

Oh my…
…that’s SO much better.

I also took the chance to take photos of the salon. It feels like it’s been open longer than 7 months for some reason, maybe because it’s really taken off. No doubt to the friendly, informal atmosphere, specialist service and rock n roll music floating out from the stereo. I see a lot of gentlemen getting their hair done whenever I’m in there as well as some great, super glam hair makeovers on ladies.

Ree Ree at Her Desk

Ellington in his bed

Retro cuts, vintage sets and fabulous vivid hair colours are an every day occurrence at this salon. Ree Ree Rockette has in guest services on some weekends, such as Talonted nail artist, Lex. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in the salon a few times, along with Lucie, doing make-up on brides and pin-up model Sabina Kelley, with Lucie styling their hair.

Bridal makeup for Rockalily Cuts. Photo

Shop dog Ellington flits between snuggling in his bed and searching for snacks and cuddles. The hair stations are lovely vintage dressing tables and there’s lots of fabulous and kitsch bits of paraphernalia everywhere. There’s a fab selection of books to read, it’s like a salon library, Ree will let you take a book away with you as long as you bring it back, I don’t know any other salon that does that.

Vintage Dressing Table Hair Stations

Knick Knacks

The hood dryer is covered in stickers that have been sent to Ree over the months, the bathroom door has been signed by many visitors (can you spot mine?) and I love the leopard print capes that customers get to wear. I also have to stop myself from devouring all of the lollipops that are left out on vintage china plates for people to help themselves to.

Men's hair poster by Layrite. My fave in the shop.

The singed door

Should you find yourself hankering after a retro cut and colour, I definitely recommend Rockalily Cuts. Check out the website for more info.

Leopard Print Capes

Stickered Hood Dryer

That’s all for today. Thank you kindly for reading.