Monster Muffins

Monster, Making a Wish

Hello Lovelies,

Earlier this year I came up with a new muffin recipe for my Mr’s birthday. My friend and colleague Tigz taste tested them and said their appearance reminded her of Sully, from Monster’s Inc. My nickname for my Mr just so happens to be Monster, so these muffins were dubbed ‘Monster Muffins’, They tasted scrumptious, I am rather proud of these.


For the muffins-

275g self raising flour

175g brown caster sugar

1tsp of baking powder

100ml of vegetable oil

200ml of soya or rice milk

100g of fresh or frozen blueberries

blueberry preserve

Blue food colouring (I use a really concentrated gel)

Juice of half a lemon

For the Frosting-

150g icing sugar

juice of half a lemon

60g of vegan spread

4tbls of vegetable shortening

blue food colouring

Blue and green baubles for decorating (optional)

Line a 12 hole muffin tray with muffin cases. Preheat the oven to 200c/400f

1) Sift the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl. Add in the caster sugar and mix together gently. set aside.

2) In a jug or bowl, whisk together the oil, ‘milk, lemon juice and blue food dye (just a couple of drops if using the gel, it’s super concentrated!) and quickly add to the dry ingredients.

3) Add the blueberries to the mixture and fold in until just combined. Do not over mix!

4) Scoop in a tablespoon of batter into each muffin case. Then add a teaspoon of blueberry preserve, followed by another tablespoon of batter.*

5) Place in the centre of the oven, bake for 20-25 minutes, turning the tray 180′ halfway through cooking time.

6) Once the muffins are baked, turn out onto a wire rack and allow them to cool down completely.

7) To make the frosting, combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and whisk together until light and fluffy. Ideally, use a stand mixer for super fluffiness. Put in the fridge while the muffins cool down.

8 ) Once your muffins are totally cold, you can get to frosting them. I used a palette knife to smear on the icing roughly. Sprinkle with glitter, or edible blue and green baubles or even top with fondant icing googly eyes (I’m doing that next time, to make them more Monster-like).

9) Stuff your face :p

*Ideally, a cupcake corer or apple corer can be used once the muffins are cooked to remove the centres. Then pipe in or spoon in your preserve and add a little cake lid back on the muffins before frosting. I didn’t have a cake/apple corer at the time, so did it the way shown in this post. I have since bought a cupcake corer, filling cupcakes is now much easier for me. Yay!

That’s all for today. Let me know how yours come out if you decide to make some!

Thank you kindly for reading.