Look of the Day: Slimy Pyschobilly Shimmers

LotD 09Hello Lovelies,

Quick Look of the Day post. This was the hair and makeup I wore to last week’s Death Jam, complete with creepy accessories.

I primed my eyes and dusted them with a bit of translucent powder. I then used a shimmery lime green all over my lid and up to the crease. In the outer corner of the crease I blended in a pearly sea foam blue/green. Using the brush with the translucent powder on to blend out at the brown bone.

LotD 04I lined my eyes with black liquid liner ending in a wing. I used a long wearing black eyeliner to line my lower waterline. I finished off my eyes with two coats of jet black mascara.

LotD 02I penciled in my brows using a taupe colour and gave them a slight flick up at the ends. I blushed my cheeks with a wash of pink creme blush and added a beauty mark with the liquid liner.LotD 03 I then used a bright juicy pink lipstick on my mouth and blotted it back slightly so that my eyes were the emphasis.

LotD 05I piled all of my hair up on top of my head in neat little barrel curls and stand up pin curls. I made a little side rolled fringe and tied in a lime green chiffon scarf. I added a few creepy accessories for good measure. LotD 07 LotD 06 LotD 01LotD 08 Although the shimmery green shadow is quite a bright colour, it hasn’t shown up as well on my photos (bad lighting, tsk!). Although this makeup and hair was for an evening event, it’s a look I like to wear in the day too. Bright colours cheer me up, especially in the depths of winter!

Well, that’s all for today, as always, thank you kindly for reading. Until next time. <3



Face Up: Snow Princess

Hello Lovelies,

Quick extreme makeup post. I’m calling it ‘Snow Princess’. I didn’t want to go with the obvious blue/green tones and so opted for pink instead. Lots of shimmer and glitter were involved too.


  • Base- Shade 9 from the MUA Immaculate Collection Palette.
  • Inner Eye- 17 Solo Glitter Shadow in Style Queen, topped with Barry M Dazzle Dust in White
  • Centre Lid- Dusted with a small amount of Glitter by Gemma Kidd,. Crushed Jewel in Lolite.
  • Outer Eye- A blend of Shade 3 from the MUA Immaculate Collection Palette and Sugarpill’s Dollpop.
  • Cut Crease- Rimmel kohl liner in White, set with Sugarpill’s Tako (taken all the way upto brow).
  • Eyeliner- Sugarpill’s Dollpop used wet as a liquid liner.
  • Eyebrows- Coloured in with Rimmel kohl pencil in White and set with Sugarpill’s Dollpop.
  • Lower Lash Line- Outer edge, Sugarpill’s Dollpop used wet as a liquid liner. Inner corner, Rimmel kohl liner in white, set with Sugarpill’s Tako and topped with Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Hustle.
  • Mascara- Rimmel Scandaleyes in Black.
  • False lashes- Ends of a strip set, customised with pink paint, glitter and sequin stars.


  • Liner/Lipstick- Rimmel lip liner pencil in Indian Rose. I used this to fill in the whole lip shape.
  • Outline- Rimmel kohl pencil in white.
  • Gloss- Barry M lipgloss in Strawberries and Cream.


  • Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Flushed and Nars powder blush in Desire.


  • Bourgois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in Pale Vanilla, mixed with Barry M Dazzle Dust in White.


Customised and decorated by me.

I wish I could have gone out like this but I had too many practical things to get on with and it would have just been silly. Oh well, next time! That’s all for today, thank you kindly for reading.



Look of the Day: #ZOMGBloggersBash Style

Hello Lovelies, just thought I would do a quick LotD post for the #ZOMGBloggersBash (I blogged about the actual event yesterday, read it here). I had asymmetric victory rolls in my hair but you can’t really tell in the photos. Oh well. I’ll just stick to the make-up.

I used silver shadow to my crease, added in a purple to the crease and blended out. I used black shadow at the outer crease and blended out to add depth. White shadow at brow bone.

Added purple/silver glitter to centre lid. A slick of black gel liner to top lash line. Silver shadow on lower lash line blended to black on outer edge. Corner false lashes for a fluttery effect.

Lots of black mascara. Finished off with a slick of true red lipstick, a matte brown shadow to contour the hollows of my cheeks, a beauty spot and strongly defined eyebrows. I chucked a load of hair accessories in for extra oompf and glamour for the evening. Glitter was my theme for the night and my sparkly spider hair clip topped it off nicely.

I painted my nails with two coats of Rimmel’s 60 seconds in 310 Red Carpet. I then dipped each nail into the same glitter I used on my eyelids and finished off with two coats of Seche Vite to ensure the nails were smooth to the touch.

I felt super glam with all that glitter. I think I will wear it more often from now on! That’s all for today lovelies, thank you kindly for reading! x

Tutorial: How to create perfect winged eyeliner

Hello Lovelies and welcome to my first ever tutotial on Heyday Honey! Today’s post is all about getting the perfect winged eyeliner. I get asked this almost more than any other question, so I’m going to show you a quick and easy method of getting it just right (with a little patience and practice on your part).

Which type of eyeliner and appilcator you use doesn’t really matter. It’s all down to personal preferance. I suggest trying a few different products to find what works best for you. My favourite is Mac’s fluidline gel eyeliner and a Screenface lip brush! I like the brush because it is small, stiff and tapers to a point. This means I can get a very fine point on the outer edge of the flick but I can also turn it and use the thicker side for filling in and shaping the liner. I also like to break the process down into stages and work a little on each eye at a time to make it easier to achive an even look. Doing one whole eye and trying to recreate what you just did on the other side is more tricky.

Step 1: Line the upper lash line. Start from the centre and move outwards to ensure any excess product is used up first. Then draw from the inner eye to the centre to connect the line.

Step 2: Now you need to work out where to draw in the template line for your flick. Use a thin makeup brush handle or pencil and place it from the outer edge of the nostril, in line with the outer corner of the eye and towards your brow (your brow should also end at the end of this line according to modern beauty standards). Sketch in the template in line with your lower eye line….

…Like so. If your eyes are very hooded or deep set you may want to bring the line out a liitle more horizontally, otherwise your eyelid will distort the shape of the flick when you open your eyes.

Step 3: Now draw in a line from the outer corner to the tip of the flick. You will be left with an empty triangular shape.

Step 4: Fill in the triagle and voila! You are done! Now, you can leave it there or you can now work on the shape a little more, making the liner thicker or winging it out further etc. Have fun with it! There are other ways to do cat eye liner but this is just an easy method to teach and for people to practice until they get more confident with it.

Let me know how you get on if you give this method a go. I would love to see picture. In the meantime, thank you kindly for reading. x

LotD: Quick 1950s Look for Work

Hello Lovelies, today’s Look of the Day is a quick and easy soft 1950s look for work. I’ve kept it soft with a pink lip but feel free to break out the red lipstick if you like. This look should take 5-10 minutes once you’ve got it down pat. I’ve really kept it simple while still acheiving a classic 50s feel. Please ignore the hair, I’m working from home, so it’s not set today!

For the eyes, I used a matte nude shadow over the entire lid up to the brow bone using a wide, flat shadow brush. I then used a small amount of a neutral, matte brown shadow and applied it along the upper lash line with a small shadow brush. I used a small blending brush to blend the brown eyeshadow up to the crease line to soften. I applied black mascara and a sweep of black gel liner in a small flick. If you are really pale or would like to make this look even softer, use a brown mascara and eyeliner instead.

Finish eyes by applying white liner to the lower waterline. This will really open the eyes. Use a flesh tone if you prefer a more understated look but white is more authentic. Brows were defined lightly using Rimmel brow pencil in Taupe and a slick of Barry M clear mascara/brow gel. I applied a small amount of light coverage foundation to my T-Zone and blended outwards, to keep the face looking fresh. I used a long wear concealer under the eyes and around the nostrils. A light dusting of face powder before applying a small amount of pink blush to the cheeks (I used Nars blush in ‘Desire’).

I used a bright pink applied straight from the tube to save time and blotted it back to take the colour intensity down a bit. I used Mac’s ‘Impassioned’.

And there you have it! Quick and easy. You can add a beauty mark if you like too. I had a little blemish on my cheek so I dotted on some gel liner and set it with matte black eyeshadow to help it last. If you’re having trouble with getting your cat-eye liner right, watch out for my upcoming tutorial on a fool proof way I teach my clients to do theirs!

That’s all for today, thank you kindly for reading. x

Look of the Day: Flaming Eyes

Hello Lovelies. Today I thought I would share with you a hair and make-up look I wore to Raven Six’s burlesque graduate show with The Cheek of It Burlesque school. Check out her performance here, she’s another one to watch! I’m calling this look ‘Flaming Eyes’ because, well, the eyes looks kinda flamey!

Awh, I look kind of sad in this photo, lol. Anyway, this look was all about the eyes and is deceptively easy to do, trust me! I started off with a little Too Face Shadow Insurance eye primer to ensure my shadow stayed put all night. I then used my Mac Fluidline Gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’ and a flat brush with a pointed end to paint on my winged cat eye shape.

I then used a matte red shadow (mine was from the one from the Curacao Sleek palette) and blended it up from the crease line upwards to fade it out. Make sure that you do not go over the black, it’s meant to be a crisp line.

Next, I used a matte nude shadow to blend downwards from under the brows and into the red to diffuse it slightly. White eye pencil was used to line the lower waterline. I added the outer edges of some false lashes I had left over and lashings of jet black mascara. I finished off the look with a light coverage foundation, a wash of soft pink blusher and a pink lipgloss. Eyebrows were darkened slightly with Rimmel’s brow pencil in ‘Taupe’ and a slick of Barry M’s clear brow gel/mascara. I kept everything else light as I wanted the eyes to be the focus. Of course, if you fancy a bold lip, go for it!

I kept my hair simple, sweeping it up into a chignon and attaching a poinsetta hair flower I made (forgot to get a photo of that, sorry!). I rolled the front of my hair backwards into a swirly pomp to prevent my hair looking too severe. I sprayed a ton of Tresemme’s Freeze Hold hairspray onto it to make sure it stayed in place. That stuff is seriously strong! So there you have it, flaming eyes. Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to see photos. You could even try it with different colours. I also like to do this look with slime green instead of red.

What to expect from Heyday Honey on 2012

Me sans makeup

Hello Lovelies! I know we’re already a little ways in but Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous xmas holiday season. Things got rather manic for me towards the end of 2011, hence it being very quiet on here. But hey, I’m back and ready to roll on a whole bunch of fun things for you guys.

So, what’s coming up on Heyday Honey in 2012? Well, I am going to be updating the photo gallery as I have a bit of a back log of shots from the end of last year. Look out for the shots of Singer Kele Le Roc and Burlesquer Kiki Kaboom posing for the Burlexe show promo shoot (Burlexe is back with a regular night at the Shadow Lounge in Soho, book tickets here)

Event-wise, I’ll be doing vintage hair styling and demos at the ZOMG Blogger’s Bash organised by Rockalily London in order to launch the new lipstick shade designed by Zoe of London Lipgloss. Expect to see a behind the scenes post about it here.

Also, there will be more ‘Look of the Day’ posts, showing you the myriad ways I like to coiffe my hair and makeup my face…I’ve recently lopped off all my hair, so no more beehives for me for a long while!

Nail designs, product reviews and tutorials will also be added. I’m toying with the idea of doing videos, I just need to look into a good lighting system so all the product colours will show up properly for you.

So, that’s about it for now, if there is anything else you would like to see, just post your suggestions in the comments box below and I will take them into consideration.

Let’s make 2012 fabulous!

Look of the Day: My Birthday Style

Hello Lovelies. Last week it was my birthday and the boy took me out for a day of adventures at the Natural History Museum. We then had some cake and then Thai food in the evening, bliss! Here is the make-up and hair style I wore for the day.

I applied eye shadow primer to start. I used a silver shadow from the upper lash line to the crease. I then placed a small amount of black shadow to the outer crease.

I then used a fluffy blending brush to diffuse it slightly. Blending into the crease and upwards. I then used a matte nude shade from the brow bone and blended it down to the crease to soften.

I brought the silver shadow to the lower lash line. I used the black shadow on the outer corner of the lower lash line and blended them together. I lined my lower waterline with white. I finished my eyes off with a flick of black gel liner and black mascara.

On my mouth I used a bit of soft pink lip stain with some lip balm over the top. I wanted my eyes to be the focus of this look.

My brows were defined using a taupe pencil, I extended them slightly and flicked them up a touch at the ends. I used a rose pink blush on my cheeks and used the black gel liner to create a small beauty spot on my upper cheek. I set the spot with black eyeshadow to make it last longer. I wore my hair in a sleek 50’s bob with an antique coloured rose on the side I had pinned back.

I painted my nails with two coats of a metallic Navy Blue from Barry M (colour 292). I stuck a skull and crossbone nail sticker (from Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique) on each pinkie. I topped the whole thing off with a coat of Seche Vite to seal it.

I had a great day geeking out and goofing off with Simon. Here’s to another fab Birthday! Thank you kindly for reading. x

The Enfieldian Vintage Fair: Make Do Christmas!

On Saturday 10th December I will be at The Enfieldian Vintage Fair’s ‘Make Do Christmas’ event with my pop-up parlour. I will be offering hair and make-up sessions as well as miniature one-on-one tutorials. Teaching you how to apply false lashes, getting the perfect cat eye flick, which shade of red lipstick suits you and more! I shall also have with me lots of different hair accessories to buy, (including snoods, bandanas, combs and hair flowers) to finish off your retro do for the festive season. Email or call me to make a booking. For more info/prices check out Enfiedian Vintage Fair event page.

I won’t be the only one there though. The event offers a whole range of vintage treasures from clothes, jewellery, hats, shoes, furniture, kitchen wares, china ware, books, records and tons more. There will be a gourmet food hall this time round, selling all sorts of delicious home made treats. There will also be crafting workshops for you to try your hand at. There’s also a space to put your feet up and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake if you need a rest from all the shopping! So come and get your unique Christmas gifts and have a jolly good old time too. Hope to see you there lovelies!

Look of the Day: Misty Swamp

Hello there! Well, it’s been quite some time since I posted saying I’ll be blogging on this site. I have been paying a lot of attention to Heyday Honey, Sticky Honey’s vintage sister site. But here I am with Sticky Honey’s first real blog post and it’s a look of the day. I’m calling this eyeshadow look ‘Misty Swamp’, I was inspired by all the foggy, frosty mornings we have been having in London lately. It puts me in mind of 1950s B-Movies, where some vile monster emerges from a misty swamp to bring terror to the inhabitants of some small, back-water town!

I used a matte vanilla shadow over my entire lid as a base. I then blended in a slightly shimmery aqua green into the socket line, right up to the inner eye.

Tip: If you have close-set eyes, you may want to keep the green shadow to the outer socket line to give the illusion that they are slightly further apart.

I then brought it out and into a sideways ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of the eye. I lined my entire eye with a dark green kohl pencil and smudged it out a little to soften the look. I added a dusting of white glitter shadow over the centre of the top lid and finished my eyes off with some black mascara to ‘ground’ the look.

Tip: Adding shimmer to the centre of the lids of deep-set eye is great as it helps bring them forward.

I lightly defined my brows with a taupe brow pencil and set with brow gel. On my cheeks I applied a pinky cream blush and a pink tinted lip stain on my mouth so that the emphasis was on my eyes.

My look was finished off with a pomp and a ponytail and I was all set to meet my friend for a tasty minty hot chocolate. Yummy!