LotD: Think Pink

Hello Lovelies, just a quick look of the day post. The sun was shining and I was feeling super happy, pink seemed to be the colour that was calling to me.

I have a bouffant left over from having a mini beehive in my hair the last couple of days. I swooped a bit of my hair at the front aside to make a faux fringe. Wearing some hair accessories I made myself, orchids, my favourite flower.

I used a light creamy foundation just where I needed a bit of coverage (Maybelline’s Dream Creamy in 04 Light Porcelain), with a touch of light powder to set.  I buffed a bit of hot pink blush into my cheeks, NARS blush in Desire.

Most of my eyeshadow brushes need a wash so I applied my shadow with my fingertips. I used 17’s Solo Eyeshadow in Funfair on the lid upto the crease. I then added 17’s Solo Eyeshadow in Shocking pink to the outer crease. I blended the whole thing out at the brow bone with Clinique’s Solo Shadow in Vanilla. I finished the eyes off with winged eyeliner (MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack), black mascara and half strip lashes on the ends of my upper lash line for a bit of extra flutter.

Lips were painted a hot ink in 2True’s Colour Drench col. 1. It gives nice coverage and is quite glossy looking but it smells horrible!

I’m really looking forward to trying out some more colourful looks now the sunshine is here. It just makes me want to play! That’s all for now lovelies. Thank you kindly for reading. x

LotD: Turquoise Double Winged Eyeliner

Hello Lovelies, this is just a very quick look of the day post for a look I wore last weekend. I like to double line my top eyelids a lot. It adds a modern twist to a retro look. It’s not dissimilar to The Secretary look I posted a couple of months ago.

I used a little eyeshadow primer over my entire upper eyelids and applied a matte nude shade all over. Next I drew in a winged flick fairly thickly on my upper lash line.

Next, I used a black gel eyeliner to draw a second winged liner really close to my upper lash line to create a double lined eye. I also lined my upper and lower waterline.

I used a little black eyeshadow under the outer lower lash line and blended this into a turquoise eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye.

I finished off with black mascara. I then applied my foundation, a sweep of pink blush and a bright pinky-red semi-matte lipstick. I’m going totry this look with an acid colour liner next I think.

That’s all for today, thank you kindly for reading!

Look of the Day: Flaming Eyes

Hello Lovelies. Today I thought I would share with you a hair and make-up look I wore to Raven Six’s burlesque graduate show with The Cheek of It Burlesque school. Check out her performance here, she’s another one to watch! I’m calling this look ‘Flaming Eyes’ because, well, the eyes looks kinda flamey!

Awh, I look kind of sad in this photo, lol. Anyway, this look was all about the eyes and is deceptively easy to do, trust me! I started off with a little Too Face Shadow Insurance eye primer to ensure my shadow stayed put all night. I then used my Mac Fluidline Gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’ and a flat brush with a pointed end to paint on my winged cat eye shape.

I then used a matte red shadow (mine was from the one from the Curacao Sleek palette) and blended it up from the crease line upwards to fade it out. Make sure that you do not go over the black, it’s meant to be a crisp line.

Next, I used a matte nude shadow to blend downwards from under the brows and into the red to diffuse it slightly. White eye pencil was used to line the lower waterline. I added the outer edges of some false lashes I had left over and lashings of jet black mascara. I finished off the look with a light coverage foundation, a wash of soft pink blusher and a pink lipgloss. Eyebrows were darkened slightly with Rimmel’s brow pencil in ‘Taupe’ and a slick of Barry M’s clear brow gel/mascara. I kept everything else light as I wanted the eyes to be the focus. Of course, if you fancy a bold lip, go for it!

I kept my hair simple, sweeping it up into a chignon and attaching a poinsetta hair flower I made (forgot to get a photo of that, sorry!). I rolled the front of my hair backwards into a swirly pomp to prevent my hair looking too severe. I sprayed a ton of Tresemme’s Freeze Hold hairspray onto it to make sure it stayed in place. That stuff is seriously strong! So there you have it, flaming eyes. Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to see photos. You could even try it with different colours. I also like to do this look with slime green instead of red.

Look of the Day: My Birthday Style

Hello Lovelies. Last week it was my birthday and the boy took me out for a day of adventures at the Natural History Museum. We then had some cake and then Thai food in the evening, bliss! Here is the make-up and hair style I wore for the day.

I applied eye shadow primer to start. I used a silver shadow from the upper lash line to the crease. I then placed a small amount of black shadow to the outer crease.

I then used a fluffy blending brush to diffuse it slightly. Blending into the crease and upwards. I then used a matte nude shade from the brow bone and blended it down to the crease to soften.

I brought the silver shadow to the lower lash line. I used the black shadow on the outer corner of the lower lash line and blended them together. I lined my lower waterline with white. I finished my eyes off with a flick of black gel liner and black mascara.

On my mouth I used a bit of soft pink lip stain with some lip balm over the top. I wanted my eyes to be the focus of this look.

My brows were defined using a taupe pencil, I extended them slightly and flicked them up a touch at the ends. I used a rose pink blush on my cheeks and used the black gel liner to create a small beauty spot on my upper cheek. I set the spot with black eyeshadow to make it last longer. I wore my hair in a sleek 50’s bob with an antique coloured rose on the side I had pinned back.

I painted my nails with two coats of a metallic Navy Blue from Barry M (colour 292). I stuck a skull and crossbone nail sticker (from Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique) on each pinkie. I topped the whole thing off with a coat of Seche Vite to seal it.

I had a great day geeking out and goofing off with Simon. Here’s to another fab Birthday! Thank you kindly for reading. x

Look of the Day: Misty Swamp

Hello there! Well, it’s been quite some time since I posted saying I’ll be blogging on this site. I have been paying a lot of attention to Heyday Honey, Sticky Honey’s vintage sister site. But here I am with Sticky Honey’s first real blog post and it’s a look of the day. I’m calling this eyeshadow look ‘Misty Swamp’, I was inspired by all the foggy, frosty mornings we have been having in London lately. It puts me in mind of 1950s B-Movies, where some vile monster emerges from a misty swamp to bring terror to the inhabitants of some small, back-water town!

I used a matte vanilla shadow over my entire lid as a base. I then blended in a slightly shimmery aqua green into the socket line, right up to the inner eye.

Tip: If you have close-set eyes, you may want to keep the green shadow to the outer socket line to give the illusion that they are slightly further apart.

I then brought it out and into a sideways ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of the eye. I lined my entire eye with a dark green kohl pencil and smudged it out a little to soften the look. I added a dusting of white glitter shadow over the centre of the top lid and finished my eyes off with some black mascara to ‘ground’ the look.

Tip: Adding shimmer to the centre of the lids of deep-set eye is great as it helps bring them forward.

I lightly defined my brows with a taupe brow pencil and set with brow gel. On my cheeks I applied a pinky cream blush and a pink tinted lip stain on my mouth so that the emphasis was on my eyes.

My look was finished off with a pomp and a ponytail and I was all set to meet my friend for a tasty minty hot chocolate. Yummy!

Look of the Day: Modern Retro (The Secretary)

Hello Lovelies. Today I thought I would share with you a hair and make-up look I wore out last night. I’m calling it ‘The Secretary’ as I went for a flick of liner and a beehive but with a modern twist.

I used a matte white eye shadow over my entire lid, right up to the brown bone. I then used a matte red eyeshadow with a mixing medium to make a red liquid liner to create a 60s style flick. I exaggerated it and brought it almost as far as the end of my eyebrows. I drew in a black beauty mark on my left cheek with liner set with black eye shadow.

Here’s a close up of the eye make-up. I kept my eyebrows fairly light and a lot straighter than I usually wear them. I curled my lashes and added black mascara. I finished my eyes off with false lashes on the outer corners.

I used a red lip liner to line my lips, I then coloured them in and topped off with a glittery red lip gloss so the look wasn’t too matte.

I beehived my hair using three sections. One at the front to create a swooped fringe. The crown section to create the bouffant (I used a doughnut sponge on the crown which you can unfortunetly see peeping through slightly, I would do more back combing to avoid this usually but I needed to keep my hair fuzz free for today). Finally, the back of the hair which is twisted up into a French pleat. I accessorised using some of the flowers I make for clients to buy.

Here’s the swooped fringe. You can also really see the height of the beehive here. I haven’t got any decent pictures of the back to show you (it’s rather awkward taking photos of the back of your head on your own I have discovered. The next time I do this look I will use tongs to curl the ends of the fringe section to help curl it up nicely on the side of the head. I would also swoop it further over my forehead.