Hello Lovelies, just a quick post about the #zomgbloggersbash on Monday night. The event was put together by Ree Ree Rockette of Rockalily and ZoZo of London Lipgloss to promote the new Rockalily lipstick shade ‘ZOMG!’; a collaboration between Ree Ree and Zoe. I was at the event to style hair and my goodness, did I coiff a ton of tresses! I hardly took any photos because I didn’t stop from start to finish. It was hard work but a lot of fun.

The ladies of Historical Sauces, Glamourologist, Missy Vintage & Retrochick

I wish I’d had a chance to mingle and meet a few more people. I did get to chat to the ladies from Collectif, Illamasqua and L.Figment, who’s purple hair was so much fun to play with!

L.Figment's hair from the sideIt was great to see so many Wonderful Women (#wwmoob) helping out/working the event. Tigz Rice was there with a pop-up studio, Little Miss B with hats for people to try on, Pip Jolley and Ruff Mutts helped with setting up and making sure things ran smoothly. BBLoungerie was there with her glamorous wares as well as some Wonderland Wigs donated by Sam (who has just given birth to twins, so she couldn’t be there. Congratulations Sam!). The lasses from the Historical Sauces were also there with their vintage library and the Rockalily Lipstick testers for people to try on.

Cake decorating by Temptations Creations, card making from Strange Fruit and burlesque from Rubyy Jones (NSFW) and Banbury Cross (NSFW) was also part of making the event so much fun. To top it all off there was a competition and winners were announced at the end. There were so many great prizes that I wish I could have won, but being part of the event I was not allowed to compete.

The night was being documented by the lovely Kristy Noble who was taking lots of photos and Genna McWhinnie who was filming all the goings on. Looking forward to seeing what they captured!

It was a great night and I am so proud of Ree Ree! So much hard work and dedication had gone into making the event a success, it was a pleasure to be involved. With around 150 bloggers in attendance there was no chance I would have got to talk to everyone but those I did meet were lovely and I can’t wait to see all the #ZOMG!BloggersBash posts. Here’s to the next event, hurrah!