Feeling Glum in the Winter Weather? Style tips to lift your mood

Hello Lovelies! I’ve been feeling a little down with all this cold weather and the winter darkness. I’ve been trawling Gala Darling’s website for a colour fix, her site is full of sparkle, hot pink, leopard print and cute stuff. I started reading her ‘Style Tips’ section and thought I would share a few of my favourites with you and then a few of my own nuggets of life earned style advice to cheer your days (they are of course, my personal tips and by no means meant to be seen as rules, they were made for breaking!)…

Gala’s Tips (I have paraphrased a few of these but you can find all of the originals on her site):

  • Dye your hair a radical colour (makes me miss my pink but my hair got so wrecked).
  • Dress as your favourite fictional character.
  • Buy some funny slippers (I love these Zombie ones!).
  • Write a style mission statement.
  • Wear more glitter (as I mentioned in my previous post, I totally plan on doing this).
  • Buy some gorgeous lingerie. (I collect WKD undies, retro, glam and totally affordable)
  • Wear sparkle hairspray (I looked for some the other day but couldn’t find any, boo!)
  • Wear false eyelashes to the supermarket.
  • Cut the tags out of your underwear.
  • Buy a really bright umbrella for brightening up a dreary day (I use a leopard print one and it always cheers me up when I use it).
  • Create a collage for a wardrobe you’d kill for. Polyvore, magazines and glue, Pinterest etc. (Here’s one of my Pinterest wardrobe boards, black, white and red all over).

Miss Honey Bare’s Tips:

  • Wear a bright lipstick. I love reds and hot pinks. My faves are from Rockalily.
  • Wear a hat and gloves for instant glamour.
  • Find a perfume you love and wear it all the time. My favourite is ‘Lady Boy‘ by Lush. It smells like bananas and Parma Violets and is a unisex scent. Awesome! Spritz it on areas you want to have kissed; nape of the neck, decolletage, lower back, inner thigh etc….ooh la la!
  • Paint all of your fingernails and toe nails a different colour. Even better, dip the ends in glitter afterwards for extra drearyness-fighting fabness.

    Rainbow Nails- Nightly Nails

  • Buy two pairs of knickers to each bra when you purchase a lingerie set.
  • Always hand wash your (fancy) underwear and stockings. No need to hand wash those cotton M&S pants (unless you really like hand washing).
  • Wear statment rings. I like to wear them as I tend to move my hands a lot when I talk like a stereotypical Italian, so they always get noticed. Mary Portas always wears great rings and she seems to have an endless supply of them, jealous!
  • Wear a hair accessory. It dresses up even the plainest of outfits. If you take a peek of my ‘Look of the Day’ posts, you’ll see I always have something pretty in my hair. I’ve been doing it for so many years that I feel under dressed without something in/on my hair. Also, vintage/rockabilly/pyschobilly hair styles just look so much better with a hair accessory added in.
  • Sunglasses. Big, small, cat eye, new, vintage. Doesn’t matter. They always look glam and are great for the glaring winter sun on those fresh days. You can spy on cuties without them knowing AND hide those tired eyes too. Just don’t wear them at night, we’ve all seen those people. Not cool.
  • Dress for style AND comfort. I don’t care what fashion dictates. I love crazy heels but I don’t wear them out dancing. I’m with Caitlin Moran on this one. Feminism will have won when an actress collects her Oscar wearing flip flops, covered in diamonds. I always wear flat shoes, boots or low heels for big nights out. I also make sure they are pretty/cool too. You CAN have both. Your feet will thank you and you’ll be able to actually dance all night and enjoy yourself.
  • Wear winged eyeliner. Cat eyes are seriously sexy and are easy to do once you get the hang of it. Read my blog post on creating the perfect winged eyeliner.

So there you have it. Some of my fave gloom fighting style tips for the winter blues. Thank you kindly for reading. x