Nails: A (kind of) Leopard Print Nail

Hello Lovelies, just thought I would do a quick post on the nail look I wore to go with my Flaming EyesLotD. It kind of looks like leopard print which I was very excited about as it was really quick and easy to achieve. I used one coat of the Barry M Instant Nail Effects foil varnish in ‘320’ gold. I then added one coat of the Barry M Instant Nail Effects crackle varnish in ‘311’ black.

I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal it all in. It doesn’t look too leopard print like up close, but from a distance it kind of does and in a pinch, that is good enough for me. I love leopard print but I don’t always have the time (or patience) to paint on a proper 2 or 3 colour leopard print nail design.

Rockalily Lipstick: Mixing it up

Hello Lovelies! Today’s post is all about Rockalily London Lipsticks as brought to you by the indomitable ReeRee Rockette. But this is not a review, oh no. You see, by now we all know how great these lipsticks are, the countless rave reviews already say enough. So I decided to have a little play with the four colours of Rockalily lipsticks I currently have in my pro kit (alas, I do not have any of the limited editions…yet!). Rockette Red, Roulette Red, Hot Rod Red and Pompadour Pink, the four constant colours in the main collection. Here I’ll show you a few different ways to wear your Rockalily lippies if you fancy having a play too!

Rockette Red:

Above is Rockette Red on it’s own. It’s a bright blue based red and is very striking.

Here I patted in some red glitter to make the lips sparkle. Unfortunetly the glitter I have isn’t that great (from ‘B never too busy to be beautiful’ which has since closed down) so I added Barry M red glitter lip gloss in colour No’6 over the top. You can kind of see a sparkle, but if I do this again in the future I will probably use something like the red cosmetic glitter from Make Up For Ever

Hot Rod Red:

Above is Hot Rod Red on it’s own. An orangey based red that looks great on olive toned skins and warm coloured redheads.

For the look shown above I added a slick of deeply pigmented orange lipgloss. I used Beauty Uk lip lust in colour No’9 ‘Cocktail’ I wish my photos did it moreĀ  justice, it looked so juicy and yummy.

Pompadour Pink:

Here is a photo of me wearing Pompadour Pink on it’s own. A blue based pink with a slight metallic sheen and a smell of lemon sherbert. Nom!

Ok, so here’s where I got a little wild! I painted on leopard print with my MAC Fluidline Gel Liner in ‘Blacktrack’. If I were wearing this out I would seal it with Benefit’s ‘She Laq’ . Just make sure you pat it on instead of brushing it on if you try this look. Otherwise you will smudge the design.

Roulette Red:

Above is Roulette Red worn on it’s own. The light isn’t quite right here as the lipstick is showing up rather orange when in fact it is a deep blue based red.

For this look I filled in the corners of my mouth with black eyeliner (you can use black lipstick but I don’t have any left). I then blended it out lightly. Deadly.

So, there you have it. Four different ways you can wear your Rockalily lipstick. Let me know how you get on if you have a go!