Look of the Day: Slimy Pyschobilly Shimmers

LotD 09Hello Lovelies,

Quick Look of the Day post. This was the hair and makeup I wore to last week’s Death Jam, complete with creepy accessories.

I primed my eyes and dusted them with a bit of translucent powder. I then used a shimmery lime green all over my lid and up to the crease. In the outer corner of the crease I blended in a pearly sea foam blue/green. Using the brush with the translucent powder on to blend out at the brown bone.

LotD 04I lined my eyes with black liquid liner ending in a wing. I used a long wearing black eyeliner to line my lower waterline. I finished off my eyes with two coats of jet black mascara.

LotD 02I penciled in my brows using a taupe colour and gave them a slight flick up at the ends. I blushed my cheeks with a wash of pink creme blush and added a beauty mark with the liquid liner.LotD 03 I then used a bright juicy pink lipstick on my mouth and blotted it back slightly so that my eyes were the emphasis.

LotD 05I piled all of my hair up on top of my head in neat little barrel curls and stand up pin curls. I made a little side rolled fringe and tied in a lime green chiffon scarf. I added a few creepy accessories for good measure. LotD 07 LotD 06 LotD 01LotD 08 Although the shimmery green shadow is quite a bright colour, it hasn’t shown up as well on my photos (bad lighting, tsk!). Although this makeup and hair was for an evening event, it’s a look I like to wear in the day too. Bright colours cheer me up, especially in the depths of winter!

Well, that’s all for today, as always, thank you kindly for reading. Until next time. <3



Halloween Hi-Jinks

Hello Lovelies,

How was your Halloween? I love Halloween! This year, once again, I celebrated it at The Buffalo Bar at Highbury & Islington. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a small underground venue, known on the indie scene for it’s great gigs, as well as holding various other fun events and club nights. It’s a home from home for me and my Mr.

I got ready in the early afternoon (I went for Bride of Frankenstein) and then made my way to the bar to do the makeup for the event manager Paul. He had a Mariachi costume and wanted Sugar Skull makeup to compliment the Day of the Dead theme of the party. The sombrero was the perfect finishing touch to his outfit, fetching, no?

I also ended up doing some creepy FX on the other members of staff who wanted in on the Halloween action. Rory was given a bloody cut on his cheek and a black eye. Tamara was made to look Ghoulish and gaunt with bleeding eyes and grey toned contouring.

Finally, The Monster was given a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead, as he had to high tail it to the party straight after work and didn’t have time for a full blown costume like last year. Still, pretty gross huh?

The doors opened and a steady flow of weird and wonderfully dressed punters arrived for the fun and music. First up on stage were The Nuns, an all female cover band of The Monks (see what they did there?), suitably clad in creepy costumes. I missed their set as I spent a good while on the door swapping ghost stories with Tamara, but I could still hear them rock out.

Next we had Scream Themes (usually Dream Themes) who played a selection of tv themes, including some creepier ones especially for Halloween. My all time favourite being The Munsters! Rhodri had a hilarious costume, simply a sign around his neck with ‘Dracula or whatever’ written on it. Paul finished off the theme song to Crimewatch by unsuccessfully whacking a pinata. He ended up having to tear it open with his bare hands!

Finally, Mr Solo (Minty Polo) and his backing band tied up the gig with a selection of his best songs (I love his song ‘Blackberries’). Alas, he wasn’t wearing his usual sparkly jumpsuit, I imagine he decided to dress down for Halloween as he dresses up the rest of the year.

[portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled autoplay=true loop=true showtitles=true slideheight=400]

I had a great time celebrating Halloween and the launch of my new website. Tequila, nachos, creepy music and great costumes. All in all a successful night which ended up with me and Monster going home in the same car as Paul from Franz Ferdinand, who was playing with plastic skeletons in the front passenger seat…don’t ask.

That’s all for now. Thank you kindly for reading!