Petit Breasts

Hello Lovelies!
Here’s the second installment in my Petit Fours series. I wasn’t going to do whoopie pies twice, but I ended making some for the lovely Celine Chaplin’s Strawberry Tea Party for Breast Cancer Care so I may as well blog about them. These are Cherry and Almond Whoopie Boobies. More Petit Breasts than Petit Fours ;) I used a melon baller this time and my whoopies came out the right size and much more evenly shaped, yay! I have veganised this recipe once again from Claire Ptak’s
‘The Whoopie Pie Book’. I took the basic recipe for her Walnut Whip Whoopie and changed it to almonds instead and used a fruity filling. So, here we go…

This recipe can make up to 9 large whoopies (10cm wide) or 24 small Petit Four sized whoopies (about 5cm wide). So feel free to make the bigger ones if you wish.*

You will need:
For the whoopie.

300g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp of salt
125g of soft vegan spread
1 tsp almond extract
200ml soya milk
1 tblsp cider vinegar
200g ground almonds
20g of egg replacer (or however much the instructions say you need for 1 egg’s worth)
55-65ml of water

For the ‘Buttercream‘. 50ml of unstrained cherry puree (about 80g of stoned cherries)
90g of very soft vegan spread
500-750g of icing sugar
1/2 tsp of pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp of
fresh lemon juice Plus.
24 natural colour glace cherries for the nipples.
Line 2 baking sheets with baking paper and set aside.

Do not pre-heat the oven until you have put the batter in the fridge to chill as this just wastes energy and money putting it on now. 1)Put the 200ml of soya milk in a small glass or plastic bowl (not metal as the mixture may react and create a metallic tatse). Add in the 1 tblsp of cider vinegar and leave for 5-10 minutes to curdle.

2) In a medium sized bowl sift together the flour, egg replacer and bicarbonate of soda. Stir in the salt and set aside.

3) In another bowl (make sure it’s a large one) cream together the spread and sugar until light and fluffy. You can use an electric whisker with a flat beater if you like, I just used a large wooden spoon and a lot of welly!

4) Add the 1 tsp of almond extract to the ‘buttermilk’ mixture and add half of this to the butter/sugar mix.

5)Add into this the dry ingredients and mix until just incorporated. Add in the remaining ‘buttermilk’ mixture until well combined. Fold in the ground almonds. Put the dough in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven now.

6) For the buttercream, mix together the spread and 300g of icing sugar until light and fluffy. You can do this with a free standing mixer with a flat beater if you wish. I just did it by hand with a wooden spoon again (hey, it worked well enough in the old days).

7) Gradually add in the vanilla extract, lemon juice and the cherry puree.

8) Gradually stir in a further 200g of icing sugar to the mix until it is fluffy again. If you feel the mixture is too soft, simply add in more of the icing sugar until it forms very soft peaks (I only needed to use 500g of icing sugar). Put in the fridge to stiffen up a bit.

9) Once the batter is nice and chilled, drop 24 x 5cm blobs (using a spoon or melon baller) onto the trays about 5cm apart. Bake in the middle of the oven for 8-10 minutes* so that the whoopies are left with an indentation in the top when you press them with your finger. I baked the whoopies in 4 single batches of 12.

10) Allow whoopies to cool slightly before turning out onto a wire rack. Once completely cooled, you can spread or pipe a generous dollop of the buttercream (stir when taken out of the fridge to make fluffy again) onto the upturned side of half the whoopies and place another on top. Use a tiny amount of the frosting that’s left over to affix the cherry nipples to the top of each whoopie. And there you have it, Whoopie Boobies.


*If making the larger whoopies, allow 10-12 minutes for baking.

Cherry Bakewell Muffins

So, here’s my first real entry into The Vegan Honey blog.

I attended a Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business meeting yesterday, run by thelovely Ree Ree Rockette.

The meeting topic was branding, and there were quite a few of us in attendance. I decided that we would need some form of cake to get us through the session so I whipped up some Cherry Bakewell inspired cupcakes.

I find that actual bakewell tarts are rather disappointing little things, with their thin layer of icing and sad glace cherry on top.

I have made this recipe several times before and after playing about with it a bit, I feel I have hit upon the perfect recipe. It is moist, light and fluffy. They are filled with a juicey cherry jam and topped with marzipan and almond frosting, complete with a cherry on the top. I sometimes use fresh cherries when they are in season, but I feel that natural coloured glace cherries look much more authentic and taste better than the more plastic-looking bright red glace cherries.

They went down a treat, with some of the ladies (myself included) gobbling up two of the tasty morsels! Ooops :)

(Photograph by ReeRee Rockette)