Tutorial: How to create perfect winged eyeliner

Hello Lovelies and welcome to my first ever tutotial on Heyday Honey! Today’s post is all about getting the perfect winged eyeliner. I get asked this almost more than any other question, so I’m going to show you a quick and easy method of getting it just right (with a little patience and practice on your part).

Which type of eyeliner and appilcator you use doesn’t really matter. It’s all down to personal preferance. I suggest trying a few different products to find what works best for you. My favourite is Mac’s fluidline gel eyeliner and a Screenface lip brush! I like the brush because it is small, stiff and tapers to a point. This means I can get a very fine point on the outer edge of the flick but I can also turn it and use the thicker side for filling in and shaping the liner. I also like to break the process down into stages and work a little on each eye at a time to make it easier to achive an even look. Doing one whole eye and trying to recreate what you just did on the other side is more tricky.

Step 1: Line the upper lash line. Start from the centre and move outwards to ensure any excess product is used up first. Then draw from the inner eye to the centre to connect the line.

Step 2: Now you need to work out where to draw in the template line for your flick. Use a thin makeup brush handle or pencil and place it from the outer edge of the nostril, in line with the outer corner of the eye and towards your brow (your brow should also end at the end of this line according to modern beauty standards). Sketch in the template in line with your lower eye line….

…Like so. If your eyes are very hooded or deep set you may want to bring the line out a liitle more horizontally, otherwise your eyelid will distort the shape of the flick when you open your eyes.

Step 3: Now draw in a line from the outer corner to the tip of the flick. You will be left with an empty triangular shape.

Step 4: Fill in the triagle and voila! You are done! Now, you can leave it there or you can now work on the shape a little more, making the liner thicker or winging it out further etc. Have fun with it! There are other ways to do cat eye liner but this is just an easy method to teach and for people to practice until they get more confident with it.

Let me know how you get on if you give this method a go. I would love to see picture. In the meantime, thank you kindly for reading. x

LotD: Quick 1950s Look for Work

Hello Lovelies, today’s Look of the Day is a quick and easy soft 1950s look for work. I’ve kept it soft with a pink lip but feel free to break out the red lipstick if you like. This look should take 5-10 minutes once you’ve got it down pat. I’ve really kept it simple while still acheiving a classic 50s feel. Please ignore the hair, I’m working from home, so it’s not set today!

For the eyes, I used a matte nude shadow over the entire lid up to the brow bone using a wide, flat shadow brush. I then used a small amount of a neutral, matte brown shadow and applied it along the upper lash line with a small shadow brush. I used a small blending brush to blend the brown eyeshadow up to the crease line to soften. I applied black mascara and a sweep of black gel liner in a small flick. If you are really pale or would like to make this look even softer, use a brown mascara and eyeliner instead.

Finish eyes by applying white liner to the lower waterline. This will really open the eyes. Use a flesh tone if you prefer a more understated look but white is more authentic. Brows were defined lightly using Rimmel brow pencil in Taupe and a slick of Barry M clear mascara/brow gel. I applied a small amount of light coverage foundation to my T-Zone and blended outwards, to keep the face looking fresh. I used a long wear concealer under the eyes and around the nostrils. A light dusting of face powder before applying a small amount of pink blush to the cheeks (I used Nars blush in ‘Desire’).

I used a bright pink applied straight from the tube to save time and blotted it back to take the colour intensity down a bit. I used Mac’s ‘Impassioned’.

And there you have it! Quick and easy. You can add a beauty mark if you like too. I had a little blemish on my cheek so I dotted on some gel liner and set it with matte black eyeshadow to help it last. If you’re having trouble with getting your cat-eye liner right, watch out for my upcoming tutorial on a fool proof way I teach my clients to do theirs!

That’s all for today, thank you kindly for reading. x