Look of the Day: Misty Swamp

Hello there! Well, it’s been quite some time since I posted saying I’ll be blogging on this site. I have been paying a lot of attention to Heyday Honey, Sticky Honey’s vintage sister site. But here I am with Sticky Honey’s first real blog post and it’s a look of the day. I’m calling this eyeshadow look ‘Misty Swamp’, I was inspired by all the foggy, frosty mornings we have been having in London lately. It puts me in mind of 1950s B-Movies, where some vile monster emerges from a misty swamp to bring terror to the inhabitants of some small, back-water town!

I used a matte vanilla shadow over my entire lid as a base. I then blended in a slightly shimmery aqua green into the socket line, right up to the inner eye.

Tip: If you have close-set eyes, you may want to keep the green shadow to the outer socket line to give the illusion that they are slightly further apart.

I then brought it out and into a sideways ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of the eye. I lined my entire eye with a dark green kohl pencil and smudged it out a little to soften the look. I added a dusting of white glitter shadow over the centre of the top lid and finished my eyes off with some black mascara to ‘ground’ the look.

Tip: Adding shimmer to the centre of the lids of deep-set eye is great as it helps bring them forward.

I lightly defined my brows with a taupe brow pencil and set with brow gel. On my cheeks I applied a pinky cream blush and a pink tinted lip stain on my mouth so that the emphasis was on my eyes.

My look was finished off with a pomp and a ponytail and I was all set to meet my friend for a tasty minty hot chocolate. Yummy!