Birthday Fun.

Birthday Fun 01Hello Lovelies,

It was my birthday last week and I think I have only just fully recovered. I had 4 days of fun and frolics with family, friends and my beau. My actual birthday was on a Thursday, so me and the Mr set off for some gruesome fun at the London Museum’s ‘Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men’. A wonderfully macabre and interesting look at the practice of body snatching/grave robbing and the surgeons who pioneered medical research through nefarious means. On display were a vast array of surgical and post mortem equipment, pickled body parts and skeletons among many other great things. Highly recommended.

Birthday fun 02Birthday fun 03That evening we went for dinner with my mum at Mestizo in Euston. They have a vegan menu and I stuffed my face. My boyfriend had secretly ordered me a birthday cake from Ruby Tuesday, blueberry and lemon flavour, my favourite! The waiting staff brought it out to me with loud music, clapping and cheering. They proceeded to plonk a massive and very heavy sombrero on my head and handed me a double shot of their finest mescal. The food was amazing (I had mole for the first time, it’s delicious) and the atmosphere was great, I can’t wait to go back.Birthday fun 04

Friday the boy and I went to the V&A for the Hollywood Costume exhibition. It was packed because it was closing a couple of days later. I bumped into Honey Wilde and her Beau while there. It took a while for me to register that she was trying to get my attention as I was mesmerised by the Darth Vader costume looming over me. There were two Monroe costumes and they brought me to tears. It was the best exhibition I have seen since the Barbican’s Warhol review in 1997!

Birthday fun 05That evening we went home and had a good home cooked meal and watched a film as I had to be up early the next morning for a pin-up shoot with Tigzy and Ava Bonham Carter.
I hightailed it home from the shoot to get changed and get to my favourite pub, Big Red in Holloway for drinks with friends. Much dancing then ensued at the Buffalo Bar, calling it a night at 2am ‘cos I was broken.

Sunday morning I enjoyed a lie-in, cooked breakfast and lazy afternoon. My boyfriend and I then headed down to Brixton where we met some more friends for Thai food, drinks and a My Bloody Valentine gig at the Electric (yes, it was LOUD!).

Phew! What an amazing time. I was so pooped that I could barely move from the sofa on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special! That’s all for now, thank you kindly for reading.



Halloween Hi-Jinks

Hello Lovelies,

How was your Halloween? I love Halloween! This year, once again, I celebrated it at The Buffalo Bar at Highbury & Islington. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a small underground venue, known on the indie scene for it’s great gigs, as well as holding various other fun events and club nights. It’s a home from home for me and my Mr.

I got ready in the early afternoon (I went for Bride of Frankenstein) and then made my way to the bar to do the makeup for the event manager Paul. He had a Mariachi costume and wanted Sugar Skull makeup to compliment the Day of the Dead theme of the party. The sombrero was the perfect finishing touch to his outfit, fetching, no?

I also ended up doing some creepy FX on the other members of staff who wanted in on the Halloween action. Rory was given a bloody cut on his cheek and a black eye. Tamara was made to look Ghoulish and gaunt with bleeding eyes and grey toned contouring.

Finally, The Monster was given a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead, as he had to high tail it to the party straight after work and didn’t have time for a full blown costume like last year. Still, pretty gross huh?

The doors opened and a steady flow of weird and wonderfully dressed punters arrived for the fun and music. First up on stage were The Nuns, an all female cover band of The Monks (see what they did there?), suitably clad in creepy costumes. I missed their set as I spent a good while on the door swapping ghost stories with Tamara, but I could still hear them rock out.

Next we had Scream Themes (usually Dream Themes) who played a selection of tv themes, including some creepier ones especially for Halloween. My all time favourite being The Munsters! Rhodri had a hilarious costume, simply a sign around his neck with ‘Dracula or whatever’ written on it. Paul finished off the theme song to Crimewatch by unsuccessfully whacking a pinata. He ended up having to tear it open with his bare hands!

Finally, Mr Solo (Minty Polo) and his backing band tied up the gig with a selection of his best songs (I love his song ‘Blackberries’). Alas, he wasn’t wearing his usual sparkly jumpsuit, I imagine he decided to dress down for Halloween as he dresses up the rest of the year.

[portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled autoplay=true loop=true showtitles=true slideheight=400]

I had a great time celebrating Halloween and the launch of my new website. Tequila, nachos, creepy music and great costumes. All in all a successful night which ended up with me and Monster going home in the same car as Paul from Franz Ferdinand, who was playing with plastic skeletons in the front passenger seat…don’t ask.

That’s all for now. Thank you kindly for reading!



Competion Time!

Hello Lovelies,

To celebrate my re-brand/re-launch today, I am setting a competition for a chance for you to win some prizes. These are as follows…

TigzRiceStudios_2012_Make_Up_Workshop1First Runner Up: Will receive a 1-2-1 retro hair and makeup lesson (the era of your choice) worth £150 PLUS a beauty package of Katy Perry False Eyelashes, a bottle of the recently launched Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Blood-Orange Red, Rockalily Lipstick, Miss Honey Bare Orchid hairclip and a paisley bandanna. This little kit will help you create that retro pin-up look!

Second Runner Up: Will receive a personal pamper session worth £65 PLUS a beauty package of Katy Perry False Eyelashes, a bottle of the recently launched Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Blood-Orange Red, Rockalily Lipstick, Miss Honey Bare Orchid hairclip and a paisley bandanna. You’ll be looking like a bombshell in no time.

Third Runner Up: Will receive a beauty package of Katy Perry False Eyelashes, a bottle of the recently launched Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Blood-Orange Red, Rockalily Lipstick, Miss Honey Bare Orchid hairclip and a paisley bandanna to help you re-create that vintage look.

Comp Prizes Halloween 2012All you have to do is search through my gallery to find the photo with a hidden Halloween pumpkin on it. Then, email me at to tell me which photo it is (please do not post the answer in the comments section as you’ll be giving it away to everyone else!). All entrants with the correct answer will be put into a hat and pulled out at random.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply: Only one entry per person, booking dates for 1st and 2nd prizes will be at Miss Honey Bare’s discretion, entrants must be willing to travel to London at their own cost for 1st and 2nd prizes. 3rd prize will be sent to winner. Competition closes on Friday 16th November. Winner to be announced on Saturday 17th November. Good luck! :)

Halloween Party: A much deserved night off

Happy Halloween Lovelies! I hope you are getting up to mischief and mayhem on this day of death, mystery and horror. I love Halloween, it is my favourite time of year. Christmas can’t compete, yes, Yuletide has gifts and carols and lovey schmultzy stuff but Halloween has zombies, pumpkin carving and The Monster Mash! On Saturday I had a much deserved night off and headed to my favourite little club The Buffalo Bar with my boyfriend The Monster, to raise some hell and dance the night away. The night was put on by the Actionettes, the theme was 1960s B-Movies, right up my street! I had come home straight from giving a vintage hair and make-up demo so didn’t have much time to get ready, so my make-up wasn’t as elaborate as I’d have liked, nevermind. Here’s a wee look at the hair and make-up I did on myself and my boyfriend.

I wasn’t dressed as a particular character on the night. I wore a floor length black gown with leopard print heels and a necklace made of skulls. My inspiration was taken from Elvira and witch doctors. We were running late and didn’t have time to take proper photos before leaving the house, so I didn’t get a full length photo of the dress, but you can see my pale and gaunt looking face here at least! You can’t see very well but I also have really extreme black cat-eye make-up.

I wanted my hair to look like a spider’s nest so I beehived it and then wrapped it in green cobwebs. I put little black baby spiders all over my head, I think I creeped a few people on the Underground out with it! I then added a big glittery purple mummy spider in the very top of the hair do to look after her brood of creepy-crawly babies. I backcombed the heck out of my poor hair and used half a ton of super strong hair spray to keep it in check.

Brushing it out and washing it was pretty horrid but it was totally worth it. I was really pleased with the outcome. The green cobwebs contrasted nicely with my bright copper hair too. If only I could get away with hair like this every day but I think all that backcombing would destroy my mop, how did women do this every day? Their hair must have been frazzled!

I also did my partner’s hair and make-up. He was going for a Mad Scientist look and people kept quoting Doc from Back To The Future at him all night. I think he enjoyed dressing up and having his hair and make-up done. It’s a shame most men don’t get to enjoy the fun of cosmetics and hair styling like us women do, which I think is unfair but maybe one day things will change.

Here is Monster on the tube on the way to the party. His hair had a ton of hairspray in it aswell and it felt icky! I dusted lots of talc into in to make it greyer and so he smelled like my Lush Vanilla Puff talc all night, teehee. I also paled out his face and contoured in some deep shadows to make his cheeks look hollow and his eyes sunken and tired.

Here’s another photo of Monster with his trusty side-kick Hubert the Lab rat on his shoulder. You can really see the contouring in this photo. I still fancied the pants off him, even looking like this. But then one of my first crushes was Jonny Depp as Edward Scissorhands so I guess I just have a thing for pale and interesting men. Hubert didn’t require any styling as he already has that scruffy street rat look down. He kept disappearing all night and we soon found out what he was up to….

He was busted drinking from ‘ glasses on the bar. Naughty lab rat! He seemed to like the Kraken Rum best, with disastrous yet predictable results…

…Totally piddled and unable to get up. He was in a sorry state in the morning but no one was feeling sympathy for the dirty little rat!

So, all in all a rather fabulous night full of madness, mayhem, blood shots, great music and limbo dancing. I’m already deciding what to wear next year!