Crimble Crafts: Pin-Testing, Beaded Bracelet.

Bracelet 12Hello Lovelies,

This blog post (and the one yet to come) are a little later than planned due to Xmas planning and general life stuff just getting crazy busy. I decided to try my hand at a craft tutorial I found on Pinterest to see if they really do all end in disaster. The original source can be found here. I made a little change, I used jewellery elastic instead of embroidery thread because it’s flexible and strong. It turned out pretty well and here’s my version of the tutorial…

You Will Need:Bracelet 01*Ribbon



*Beading needle

*Jewellery elastic

*Measuring tape


What To Do:

1) First of all, put your beads in a container to prevent them from rolling all over the place. Tie a couple of knots into one end of your jewellery elastic and thread through the beading needle. Take some ribbon (I left mine on the reel) and about 18cm in from the end, thread through the elastic.Bracelet 022) Add a single bead onto the elastic and then push the needle back through the same side, enough to wrap around the half the bead.Bracelet 03 Bracelet 04 Bracelet 053) Add another bead on to the other side of the ribbon, thread the elastic back through the same side and keep repeating this until your beaded section of the bracelet fit around your wrist.Bracelet 06 Bracelet 07 Bracelet 084) Tie off the ends of the ribbon, close to the beads, catching in the elastic for extra security. Trim the ribbon off the reel, about 18cm from the bead on the end.Bracelet 09 Bracelet 105) Run the ribbon ends through a flame to seal and then tie the ends into a bow.Bracelet 11That’s it! Super easy and very pretty. You could use any colour combination of beads and ribbon. You could even try different sizes of each. I’ve made a couple of these as gifts but I may make a black beaded version for myself. So, as you can see, not all Pinterest tutorials go wrong! That’s all for today, thank you kindly for reading.






Crimble Crafts: Feltie Puds Decorations

Feltie Puds 25Hello Lovelies,

Well, preparation for Christmas is in full swing in our household. I’ve been truffle making like a mad woman, making xmas cards and sewing up these adorable little feltie Christmas pudding tree ornaments. Today, I’m going to show you how to make them. They’re really easy and the technique is similar to the heart decorations I made last year. I like making things with felt and I have started my own little Christmas tradition where I make a different felt ornament each year and hand them out as gifts. I also always make one for our own family tree, so in years to come, I can look back and it will be decorated with lots of lovely little felt things I have hand sewn with love and care.

You Will Need:Feltie Puds 21*Felt sheets in brown, green and white/cream

*Red buttons

*Slim ribbon


*Paper scissors and fabric scissors

*Needles and pins

*Sewing thread in white, green and red

*Some old card or stiff paper

*Pens and pencils

*Something round to draw around (I used my protractor)

NOTE: I use doubled up thread for all sewing in this project.

What To Do:

1) First you need to make your pudding templates. Use something round to trace the main pudding shape onto your card/paper (you can make these as big or small as you like by the way, which is why there are no measurements*). Draw out a second circle and then sketch in your cream topping shape (it doesn’t have to look perfect). Finally, draw out a holly leaf shape. I was really anal and used a ruler to measure mine out to make it even and symmetrical but you can just freehand it if you like.Feltie Puds 222) Next, use your templates to draw them out onto your felt sheets. The round pudding base goes on the brown (my protractor fitted in six circles on one sheet, which makes three puds). The cream topping onto the cream or white felt and the holly onto the green. Make sure you can easily see your traced shapes. I used a white tailors’ pencil on the brown felt but a white pencil or pen would work just as well. I used pencil on the cream felt and a black biro on the green felt.Feltie Puds 233) Cut out your shapes (with your fabric scissors), making sure to cut just inside the lines so that none of your decorations end up with pen markings on them. Lay out all of your pieces and make sure that you have enough shapes for the amount of puddings you want to make. Each pudding comprises of two pieces of round brown felt, one piece of cream topping and two green holly leaves.Feltie Puds 104) Pin your cream toppings to ONE piece of pud and stitch along the lower dripping edged shape. This will secure the piece in place while adding a little extra detail to the ornament. If you would like to reduce the amount of hand sewing involved, or are in a hurry, you could use a small amount of craft glue or a glue gun to stick them on instead. Just make sure that the pieces are fully dry before continuing onto the next step.Feltie Puds 115) Using your green thread, stitch a line down the center of each holly leaf, again, this is to add a little detail and texture to the pud. Tack two leaves to the center top of each pudding to hold in place.Feltie Puds 136) Sew a red button onto the pudding using your red thread, just where the two leaf edges meet. Make sure it is stitched on securely.Feltie Puds 247) Take a plain piece of brown pudding felt and place it behind the decorated one. Using your white thread and a blanket stitch, sew the two pieces together, leaving a small space at the top of the pud to put the stuffing in and your hanging ribbon.Feltie Puds 168) Smoosh in as much stuffing as you like into the small gap at the top of your pud. You can use the end of a pencil or a chopstick to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Cut a small length of ribbon (about 16cm or so), fold in half and place the ends into the top of the pudding, behind the button. Stitch the hole closed, making sure to catch the ribbon in also.Feltie Puds 179) Et viola! You are done and ready to hang your little feltie pudding on your tree or give it away as a gift. Another nice idea is to drip a little festive smelling aromatherapy oil (frankincense, orange, clove, cinnamon etc) onto the stuffing before putting it in the pud, then it will smell as good as it looks!Feltie Puds 19 Feltie Puds 20So there you go, adorable feltie puds for hanging on the tree. Of course, you don’t have to make puddings, you can make whatever shapes you like. Gingerbread men, reindeer, snowmen, Santa, mistletoe, goodness, loads of options! The technique is pretty much the same each way. Let me know if you make these or any other feltie ornaments inspired by this post. In the meantime, that’s all for today, and as always, thank you kindly for reading!



* The dimensions of the puddings I made are as follows: Pudding diameter 9.5cm, cream topping 4cm at deepest point, holly leaf length 4cm and 2.5cm at widest point. Ribbon cut to 16cm and looped.

Crimble Crafts: Budget Friendly Wreath

Double Wreath 02Hello Lovelies,

So, Christmas is just around the corner once again and I am delirious with excitement as I always am at this time of year. My crafting and baking goes into overdrive, not to mention the hair and makeup bookings for ladies wanting a little glitz sprinkled on them for a special occasion. Today I have for you a super cheap Christmas craft tutorial. It’s also incredibly quick and easy, double bonus! I picked up my supplies from the pound shop, so this wreath only cost me £4 in total.

You Will Need:Wreath 02

*A plain wreath base

*A few metres of tinsel

*A piece of wired ribbon or giant bow

*Some string, small cable ties or wire.

1) Take your tinsel and push one end through one of the gaps at the top of the wreath.Wreath 03

2) Start wrapping your tinsel around the wreath, making sure not to leave any gaps. Continue this until the wreath is completely covered. For the first one I made (the red and white one), I only use 4m of tinsel, for the green and blue one, I used 6m of tinsel. Depends on how bushy the tinsel is or how full you want the wreath to be.Wreath Wrapping

3) At this point, if you do not have a pre-made bow, use your ribbon to make one. It can be as big or small as you like. You can add it to the bottom of the wreath as I did, or at the top, side, whatever you like.

4) Using string, wire, cable ties or those ties you get with lunch bags, secure the bow to the wreath in the desired place (the pre-made bow I bought had wire ties already attached, so I just used those).Wreath 07

6) And you’re done, it’s that quick and easy! All you need to do is hang it. I’m giving this one away as a gift. The red and white one is now on our flat door.Double Wreath

Of course, you can use any colour combo you like and you don’t have to stick to something so simple if you don’t want to. You could add candy canes, felt ornaments, fake flowers, whatever! I just wanted something that was cheap, quick and easy. Let me know if you make your own wreath, I’d love to see photos. That’s all for now, thank you kindly for reading.




Homemade XMas: Clip in Reindeer Antlers

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s tutorial is a bit silly. Something for kids and grown ups alike, clip in reindeer antlers made from felt (I love felt!). I wanted antlers to wear on Christmas day but couldn’t find individual clip in ones anywhere, only ones on headbands, which give me a headache when worn all day. So, I made my own. Here’s what I came up with…

You will need:

A sheet of felt in colour of choice (I went with pale brown).

Scrap paper or card.


Needle and thread.


Toy stuffing.

Pen or pencil.

Beading wire (I used 24 gauge).

Wire clippers.

2 strong snap shut hair clips.

Ruler or measureing tape

What to do:


Antlers 01

Step 1: Draw out your antler shape on some scrap paper or card. Make a box at the bottom of the antler, a little longer than your hairclip and half it's width.

Antlers 02

Step 2: Cut out 2 pairs of antlers. Pin the felt together to make them easier to cut out.

Antlers 03

Step 3: Use a backstitch or running stitch to sew around the outside edge of the antlers (leaving out the box at the bottom for now).

Antlers 04

It'll look like this.

Antlers 05

Step 4: Use a chopstick to stuff the antlers.

Antlers 06

Make sure you get into all the corners.

Antlers 07

Step 5: Cut a piece of wire that is twice as long as your antler plus an extra 6cm. Fold it in half.

Antlers 08

Step 6: Fold in half again but this time, leave the excess wire out. You'll have two 3cm prongs at the bottom.

Antlers 09

Step 7: Twist the wire together and pull out the prongs at right angles.

Antlers 10

Step 8: Push the wire into the antler.

Antlers 11

Step 9: Bend the ends of the prongs in on themselves so there are no sharp edges.

Antlers 12

Step 10: Stitch together the inside edge of the two rectangles at the bottom of the antlers. This will form the base for your hairclip.

Antlers 13

Step 11: Stitch the wire feet to the base.

Antlers 14

Step 12: Cut two rectangles of felt the same size of the whole base. Stitch one to the bottom of each antler.

Antlers 15

I used a looping stitch to sew the rectangles together.

Antlers 16

Almost finished!

Antlers 18

Step 13: Sew the topside of the hairclip to the base.

Antlers 19

And your're done, they should look like this!

Antlers 20

Step 14: Clip them in (red nose optional).

Antlers 01Antlers 02Antlers 03Antlers 04Antlers 05Antlers 06Antlers 07Antlers 08Antlers 09Antlers 10Antlers 11Antlers 12Antlers 13Antlers 14Antlers 15Antlers 16Step 11: Stitch the top side of the hairclip to the felt base. If your antlers are a little wobbly, run a few stitches from the bottom of the antler and through to the very underside onto the clip to make them stand up more firmly.They'll look something like this.Step 12: Clip them in (red nose optional).

I wanted to add ears to these once they were finished but I didn’t have any dark brown felt to make them. The base of the antlers could be decorated too, with tinsel, fluff, a sprig of holly or even bows! I really want to make more if I have the time next week, maybe in pink. That’s all for now, thank you kindly for reading!



Home Made XMas: Feltie Heart Tree Decorations.

Hello Lovelies,

Today is all about XMas crafting again. This time around I’m making heart shaped felt tree decorations and I’m going to show you how to make them too. I got a little carried away and ended up making a load of these, I’ll be putting them in the hampers I’m making.

You will need:

Some felt (I’m using acrylic felt)

Scrap paper or card


Needle and thread

Stuffing (You can use cotton wool in a pinch)

Glue gun (optional)

Embelleshments (e.g. sequins, buttons, applique shapes, plastic gem stones)


Beads and small jingle bells (optional)

What to do:

Feltie Heart 01

Step 1: Draw a heart shape onto some paper or card and cut it out.

Feltie Heart 02

Step 2: Double up a piece of felt and trace out the heart template. Place a couple of pins in the felt to hold the pieces together.

Feltie Heart 03

Step 3: Cut out the heart shape. You should have two pieces of heart shaped felt. Seperate the hearts out and put one aside for now.

Feltie Heart 04

Step 4: Now for the really fun bit; decorating! You can embellish your hearts any way you wish. I'll show you how I did mine to get you started. I've used a zig-zag stitch to attach a contrast colour piece of felt.

Feltie Heart 05

Step 5: Make sure you secure your embellishments securely on the back of the heart.

Feltie Heart 06

Step 6: Pick a button to put in the middle of your contrast piece and stitch in place.

Feltie Heart 07

Step 7: Cut a piece of ribbon to make the hanging tag. Make it into a loop and glue or stitch the loop closed.

Feltie Heart 08

Step 8: Then glue or stitch the loop at the top of the heart.

Feltie Heart 09

Step 9: Place your two hearts back together and pin them to one another to hold in place. Now stitch them together around the outside edge. You can use any stitch for this. Back-stitch, blanket stitch etc. I used a simple looping stitch.

Feltie Heart 10

Step 10: Don't go all the way around just yet! Leave a small space to stuff your fluff into.

Feltie Heart 11

Step 11: Smoosh the fluffy stuff into the space you left open. You can make your hearts as puffy as you want.

Feltie Heart 12

Step 12: Sew the gap closed. Use a pin to hold the two pieces in place while you sew if it helps.

Feltie Heart 13

Step 13: I decided I needed some shimmer so I added some sequin ribbon around the edge using a glue gun. Only do about 2cm at a time or the glue will dry before you can stick the sequin ribbon down. You can stitch this on if you don't have a glue gun.

Feltie Heart 14

Step 14: I also added some beads and a jingle bell on the bottom of the decoration to make it hang nicely. Using doubled up thread, go through the very bottom tip of the heart.

Feltie Heart 15

Step 15: Thread on your beads and jingle bell.

Feltie Heart 16

Step 16: Go back up through the beads.

Feltie Heart 17

Step 17: Secure at the base of the heart with a few stitches. If you are using only beads and no jingle bell (which has a loop attachment), you can use embroidery thread to string your beads on and then tie them off at the bottom of the row with a knot.

Feltie Heart 18

Step 18: I decided I needed yet more sparkle, so I glued on some sparkly hologram stars to the back of the ornament.

Feltie Heart 19

Finally, the finished article. From the front...

Feltie Heart 20

...and the back.

Feltie Heart 21

Here it is on the Christmas tree! <3 I went a little bonkers and made a few more...

Feltie Heart 22

Here's one I made using an old earring as an embellishment. I also made the front and back different colours.

Feltie Heart 23

I stuck an oversized plastic gem stone onto this one. Super kitsch.

Feltie Heart 24

This one is a lot simpler, with just a button and a single jingle bell on the bottom.

Feltie Heart 25

Tacky cracker ring from last year glued to the heart.

Feltie Heart 26

A sequin star.

Feltie Heart 27

A heart within a heart within a heart.

Feltie Heart 28

Another earring glued on, a rhinestoned red star.

Feltie Heart 29
Feltie Heart 30
Feltie Heart 01Feltie Heart 02Feltie Heart 03Feltie Heart 04Feltie Heart 05Feltie Heart 06Feltie Heart 07Feltie Heart 08Feltie Heart 09Feltie Heart 10Feltie Heart 11Feltie Heart 12Feltie Heart 13Feltie Heart 14Feltie Heart 15Feltie Heart 16Feltie Heart 17Feltie Heart 18Feltie Heart 19Feltie Heart 20Feltie Heart 21Feltie Heart 22Feltie Heart 23Feltie Heart 24Feltie Heart 25Feltie Heart 26Feltie Heart 27Feltie Heart 28Feltie Heart 29Feltie Heart 30

As you can see, there’s lots of different ways to decorate your feltie hearts. If it’s small enough and has a fairly flat back, you can probably glue it on! I may end up making a few more of these as it would be nice to have some to keep for my tree too.

Let me know how you get on if you have a go at these, I hope you have as much fun making them as I did! That’s all for now, thank you kindly for reading.



Home Made X-Mas: Cards

Hello Lovelies,

As always, I’m planning on making most of my Xmas presents and cards this year. It’s thrifty, better for the environment (if you’re recycling/up-cycling) and it’s more personal. I’ve started off by making a bunch of cards for family and friends. I’m usually really anal about how I make my cards and they are usually all the same or a variation of a theme. This year, I thought I’d be more playful with the way I approached the task. I grabbed a big bundle of my art and crafts stash and some old Christmas cards and just started to sticking, cutting, gluing and glittering. Here’s what I came up with.

The Stuff

I turned some of this stuff...

...Into these cards.

I started by drawing a few Christmassy images and colouring them in with watercolour pencils. I brushed water onto them so they looked more painted.

I then added a variety of stickers, glitter and felt shapes to give them texture. I was really pleased with how they turned out.

I then made some super kitsch cards. I cut out cute animal photos from old Christmas cards and covered them with gem stickers, stars and glitter.

I also made some using a mix of old wrapping paper, old cards, paint and stickers. They’re ok but the sparkly animals are probably my favourite of the bunch.

The whole lot only took a couple of hours and I had lots of fun. I can’t wait to get onto the presents next! That’s all for now. Thank you kindly for reading.




Crafty Little Bear

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunshine we are having lately, yay spring!

Last weekend my friend Sofia (of Pretty Odd Wonders) came over to stay to watch horror films, eat pancakes and do some crafting. Sofia made a lovely floral headband, very spring-like (alas, forgot to take a photo, doh!). I thought I’d show you what I made too. I had originally started these two hats off a couple of years ago, then put them away in a box and forgot about them. So I decided I should finally get round to finishing them off and I’m really happy with them both.

First one is a pink tear drop base with pink feathers, an orchid, a string of pearl beads and a white veil.

The second one is my favourite of the two, but only because it has a skull on it and skulls rock! I took a plastic skull off of a novelty Halloween necklace and glittered it for extra sparklyness.

I had so much fun doing these, it’s given me the craft bug again. I haven’t made anything other than hair flowers to sell lately. I’ll be getting more adventerous with my glue gun this summer now. That’s all for today. Thank you kindly for reading. x