Home Made XMas: Feltie Heart Tree Decorations.

Hello Lovelies,

Today is all about XMas crafting again. This time around I’m making heart shaped felt tree decorations and I’m going to show you how to make them too. I got a little carried away and ended up making a load of these, I’ll be putting them in the hampers I’m making.

You will need:

Some felt (I’m using acrylic felt)

Scrap paper or card


Needle and thread

Stuffing (You can use cotton wool in a pinch)

Glue gun (optional)

Embelleshments (e.g. sequins, buttons, applique shapes, plastic gem stones)


Beads and small jingle bells (optional)

What to do:

Feltie Heart 01

Step 1: Draw a heart shape onto some paper or card and cut it out.

Feltie Heart 02

Step 2: Double up a piece of felt and trace out the heart template. Place a couple of pins in the felt to hold the pieces together.

Feltie Heart 03

Step 3: Cut out the heart shape. You should have two pieces of heart shaped felt. Seperate the hearts out and put one aside for now.

Feltie Heart 04

Step 4: Now for the really fun bit; decorating! You can embellish your hearts any way you wish. I'll show you how I did mine to get you started. I've used a zig-zag stitch to attach a contrast colour piece of felt.

Feltie Heart 05

Step 5: Make sure you secure your embellishments securely on the back of the heart.

Feltie Heart 06

Step 6: Pick a button to put in the middle of your contrast piece and stitch in place.

Feltie Heart 07

Step 7: Cut a piece of ribbon to make the hanging tag. Make it into a loop and glue or stitch the loop closed.

Feltie Heart 08

Step 8: Then glue or stitch the loop at the top of the heart.

Feltie Heart 09

Step 9: Place your two hearts back together and pin them to one another to hold in place. Now stitch them together around the outside edge. You can use any stitch for this. Back-stitch, blanket stitch etc. I used a simple looping stitch.

Feltie Heart 10

Step 10: Don't go all the way around just yet! Leave a small space to stuff your fluff into.

Feltie Heart 11

Step 11: Smoosh the fluffy stuff into the space you left open. You can make your hearts as puffy as you want.

Feltie Heart 12

Step 12: Sew the gap closed. Use a pin to hold the two pieces in place while you sew if it helps.

Feltie Heart 13

Step 13: I decided I needed some shimmer so I added some sequin ribbon around the edge using a glue gun. Only do about 2cm at a time or the glue will dry before you can stick the sequin ribbon down. You can stitch this on if you don't have a glue gun.

Feltie Heart 14

Step 14: I also added some beads and a jingle bell on the bottom of the decoration to make it hang nicely. Using doubled up thread, go through the very bottom tip of the heart.

Feltie Heart 15

Step 15: Thread on your beads and jingle bell.

Feltie Heart 16

Step 16: Go back up through the beads.

Feltie Heart 17

Step 17: Secure at the base of the heart with a few stitches. If you are using only beads and no jingle bell (which has a loop attachment), you can use embroidery thread to string your beads on and then tie them off at the bottom of the row with a knot.

Feltie Heart 18

Step 18: I decided I needed yet more sparkle, so I glued on some sparkly hologram stars to the back of the ornament.

Feltie Heart 19

Finally, the finished article. From the front...

Feltie Heart 20

...and the back.

Feltie Heart 21

Here it is on the Christmas tree! <3 I went a little bonkers and made a few more...

Feltie Heart 22

Here's one I made using an old earring as an embellishment. I also made the front and back different colours.

Feltie Heart 23

I stuck an oversized plastic gem stone onto this one. Super kitsch.

Feltie Heart 24

This one is a lot simpler, with just a button and a single jingle bell on the bottom.

Feltie Heart 25

Tacky cracker ring from last year glued to the heart.

Feltie Heart 26

A sequin star.

Feltie Heart 27

A heart within a heart within a heart.

Feltie Heart 28

Another earring glued on, a rhinestoned red star.

Feltie Heart 29
Feltie Heart 30
Feltie Heart 01Feltie Heart 02Feltie Heart 03Feltie Heart 04Feltie Heart 05Feltie Heart 06Feltie Heart 07Feltie Heart 08Feltie Heart 09Feltie Heart 10Feltie Heart 11Feltie Heart 12Feltie Heart 13Feltie Heart 14Feltie Heart 15Feltie Heart 16Feltie Heart 17Feltie Heart 18Feltie Heart 19Feltie Heart 20Feltie Heart 21Feltie Heart 22Feltie Heart 23Feltie Heart 24Feltie Heart 25Feltie Heart 26Feltie Heart 27Feltie Heart 28Feltie Heart 29Feltie Heart 30

As you can see, there’s lots of different ways to decorate your feltie hearts. If it’s small enough and has a fairly flat back, you can probably glue it on! I may end up making a few more of these as it would be nice to have some to keep for my tree too.

Let me know how you get on if you have a go at these, I hope you have as much fun making them as I did! That’s all for now, thank you kindly for reading.