Things & Ink Tattoo Magazine

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick post to let you all know that there is now a new tattoo magazine available called Things and Ink. Created by Alice Snape, it is a tattoo magazine with substance. Not just pretty pictures of ink but also articles to get your teeth into. The thinking persons tattoo magazine, if you like.

I was involved in helping to create the front cover image of the first ever issue. I did makeup for cover star Claudia De Sabe, Lucie Luella of Rockalily Cuts styled her hair. The dress was made by Rosie at Nightfeather designs, the headdress was made by Ellen of B Millinery. The shot was taken by Kristy Noble. All of us having been at one point or still are members of a business networking group called Wonderful Women. So it was lovely to work with so many people who had met through the group. A real team effort.


Things and Ink Cover Shoot from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.


The launch party was held on Thursday 8th November. Sadly, I couldn’t attend as I was on holiday in Spain (where it proceeded to rain constantly for days, ho hum). But by all accounts it was a great launch and everyone had a good time.

I managed to get my mitts on a copy while having my hair cut at Rockalily last week. It’s a fairly hefty tome, well put together and the paper feels really nice and luxurious (I have a thing about how books and magazines feel in my hands, don’t know why).  It was great to see the cover photo as it was intended. I avoided reading any of it as I want to wait to get my copy through!

You can order your copy of Things and Ink here.

Thank you kindly for reading.