Deathless Death Cafe

Hello Lovelies!

Just a quick post about the first ever Deathless Death Cafe that I attended last night, to celebrate The Day of the Dead, a Mexican (mostly) festival that celebrates those who have died and also mocks death! My friend Els of Cookie Von Stir was the Hostess and Pogo Vegan Cafe in Dalston was the venue for the event.

I’d never been to Pogo before but I had the most delicious meal there and was so full I didn’t have a bit of space for dessert. Next time I’ll start with the banana split! ‘What on Earth is a Death Cafe?!’ I hear you ask. Well, they are the brain child of Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz who wanted to offer a forum for people to be able to openly and freely discuss death and what it means to them. In Western culture, death is a taboo and often feared subject to be avoided in polite conversation. Being a rather morbid individual I snapped up the chance to attend and meet with people who were interested in death too. Being held at a vegan cafe added the ‘deathless’ bit to the event title and it was the first ever cruelty free death cafe held ever in the World! Well done Els!





Once everyone had arrived, we introduced ourselves and gave a bit of information about why we were there, then it got onto the good stuff. Everyone had mixed opinions and views on death. Some fearing obscurity, others, dying before achieving all of their goals and me, I’m scared of how I will die (you know, will it hurt/be protracted?).

If all of this sounds rather maudlin to you, I assure you, it really wasn’t. There was a lot of laughter and it felt refreshing and healthy to be able to discuss death and the loss of loved ones so freely. It was such a success that Els is thinking about hosting another one soon, so watch this space if you’re interested in attending one.

That’s all for today. Thank you kindly for reading.