Product Review: Nanoblur

Hello lovelies,

So here it is, my first ever beauty blog post. I’ve been holding off for a while now because I wasn’t quite sure what to start with. My friend ReeRee Rockette invited me to the launch of Nanoblur at the box last night. We had lots of fun (and cocktails), met Jodie Harsh and fab bloggers The London Lipgloss and MakeupLoveer. So this seemed like the perfect thing to start with, a shiny new product review.

Nanoblur tube

Nanoblur is a cream developed by a Canadian company. It uses tiny light reflective particles to create a blurring effect thus giving the illusion of smoother skin and a more even tone. It is can be worn alone, over liquid foundation or under powder foundation. It’s an instant working product and makes no claims about long term improvement of the skin. It lasts until it is washed off, can be used anywhere on the body (e.g. neck, hands, decolletage) and on all skin colours but best effects are apparently seen on pale to dark asian skin tones. So, does it work?

I used some on one side of my face (the left side in the photo) over my foundation. I could see a visible line down the centre of my face where the product ended. There was a definite smoother look to my skin and it seemed brighter. Unfortunetly the effect is less dramatic in the picture and would show up better on an HD camera (which is what the product was originally developed for).

The product did lend a lovely matte finish to the skin which is ideal for recreating an authentic vintage face. Most light reflecting products tend to make skin look shiny which I really dislike, so I was rather pleased about this. My skin felt lovely and soft too. I did have to rub the cream in really quickly as it seemed to unsettle my foundation a little and had the feeling that it was ‘setting’ on my skin. The cream is meant to work in 40 seconds or less but I think at least 60 seconds would have been better to allow people time to work the cream into the skin evenly. I really love that this product is water based, paraben free and contains no Sodiam Lauryl Sulphate which is a big plus in my eyes.

Will I buy this product when the sample runs out? Yes. I think it is great for professional make-up artists, I will use this on photoshoots and on brides to make them look flawless. I don’t think the product is really necessary for anyone under 30 and at £19.99 for a small tube it isn’t super cheap. I will also use it on myself for night’s out when I want to look immaculate and ‘air-brushed’ but wouldn’t bother with using it everyday. Of course, that’s just my preferance and if you dear reader, would like to use it every day then of course that’s just fine too.

Nanoblur is £19.99 for a 30ml tube exclusively at Boots.