The Vegan Honey Bear: An Introduction

Hello there lovelies.

I’m Kelly Bear, I love vintage style, I’m vegan and I’m obsessed with baking.

But I haven’t always been a vegan, and so I am learning to bake the vegan way and will try to veganise some of my favourite recipes along the way.

I think people sometimes have a funny view of vegans. The sandal wearing, granola munching, hemp wearing type of person usually springs to mind (and that’s cool if that’s your bag), but I want to prove that vegans can be glamorous and ethical (all whilst enjoying a fair amount of yummy treats).

This blog is a record of my cooking adventures (and no doubt mishaps too). So, if you are a vegan, are thinking of becoming vegan, have allergies to wheat, gluten or dairy or simply love baking, then follow me into my world of vintage tea parties, cocktails, burlesque and scrumptious cakes.